Saravan Plans to Develop Newly Discovered Kalaeng Cave


Saravan provincial authorities plan to develop Kalaeng cave, in Saravan district, as a tourism destination after its recent discovery by villagers.

Officials from the Provincial Department of Information, Culture and Tourism and district authorities visited the cave last week to collect information for a proposal to officially open the cave to visitors.

The cave is located in Taleo village, about 30 km from Saravan district on the way to Ta-oy district.

Visitors to Kalaeng will be treated to a stunning landscape of stalactites and magnificent mountain views on their drive to the cave.

Mr. Somchai Ounchit, Director of the Department of Information, Culture and Tourism, told Vientiane Times yesterday; there are very few caves in Saravan province, this new discovery should be developed as a tourism destination within the district

The Department of Information, Culture and Tourism will conduct a feasibility study before a proposal is submitted to provincial authorities..

“We need to construct roads, install signs and bring in electricity, before the cave can officially open to visitors” he said. Department of Information, Culture and Tourism also plans to build other facilities allowing visitors to shower and swim, Mr. Somchai added. Saravan province is known for its natural beauty and culture with popular destinations including Tad Lo, Tad Hang and Tad Tevada waterfalls. The number of visitors for 2014 and 2015, reached 80,000; this year the province has already seen over 86,000 visitors.

Saravan province has a population of 366,723; situated on the Bolaven Plateau rich with agriculture and idyllic scenery. The addition of Kalaeng Cave will only lead to larger numbers of visitors in years to come.

Source: Vientiane Times