TS Korea to Be Reopened for Lao Students to Learn Korean Languages


The King Sejong Institute Foundation (KSIF) will be reopened in Vientiane Capital in the near future so that Lao students can learn Korean language and culture, says KSIF president.   TS Korea used to be operational in Luang Prabang in 2012 providing Korean language class, but it has been closed since 2013 as it failed to attract enough students, said President of the King Sejong Institute Foundation, Song Hyang Keum.

“In the near future, the institute will be reopened in Laos again because today Lao youth are more interested in learning Korean language and stuff imported from Korea such as Korean drama, K-pop, cosmetics and fashion style.

TS Korea has recorded quantitative and qualitative growth over the past three years. Currently, there are 143 KSI locations in operation in 57 countries.

There are almost 30 KSIs in ASEAN region – Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The number of foreign Korean language learners who studied at KSI amounts to 140,000 as of 2015.

“In comparison to 90 KSI locations in 43 countries in the world at the time of our establishment in 2012, our foundation has achieved roughly a 1.5 times growth rate,” said Song Hyang Keum.

King Sejong Institute Foundation spreads Korean language and culture around the world so that foreigners’ interest in Korea ripens to understanding and love of Korea.

Although they share different looks, age, and language, foreigners all get to experience Korea and get a step closer to realizing their dreams in Korean language through global King Sejong Institute.

The institutes were established in 2009 to share the work of the 27 Korean Cultural Centers overseas.

The Korean government plans to increase the number of Sejong schools to 200 by 2017 to live up to the ever-hungry demand for education in Korean language and culture.


Source: KPL