Mountainside Rocket Festival Tourist Site Set to Launch


A new tourist attraction Phou Kangbangfay will be officially opened next month in Phoukoud district, Xieng Khuang province, to honour the long established rocket festival there.

The mountainside site is 30 kilometres from Xieng Khuang capital with a road and several facilities having been developed for the convenience of visitors.

Deputy Director of the provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Mr. Sivilay Oudomsouk, told Vientiane Times the new attraction was expected to be opened in November at Xong village. The site is aiming to attract both domestic and foreign visitors as well as create jobs and income earning opportunities for local people.

He highlighted the location as an officially designated natural and historic site, as local communities have previously held large rocket festivals around the mountain for many generations.

Local officials and communities have jointly built a large rocket to be the symbol of the new tourist site.

Mr. Sivilay said there was an interesting story behind the site and the department was keen to develop the historic potential of the area hoping it would become an important symbol of Xieng Khuang province.

According to the department, the main activity to be held at the site will be the annual rocket festival which will be well publicised to maximise its marketing potential.

The department also reported there were 41 tourist sites in the province including natural, historic and cultural sites with the famous Plain of Jars in Paek district being the most popular with visitors.

The province is attracting increasing numbers of tourists. In the first nine months of this year a total of 62,000 visitors including 50,000 foreigners arrived in Xieng Khuang, up from 51,000 including 41,000 foreigners in 2015.


Source: Vientiane Times