Young Lao Editor Recognised by Thai Awards


A love of Lao traditions and culture inspired one young man to work as a journalist examining matters of culture and family life, after graduating from the National University of Laos.

Mr. Ratthatava Phouthavong ,28, is the son of Mr. Inthong Phouthavong, a former Lao Embassy staffer in Malaysia and his wife Ms Khammany Tandavong.

He was an outstanding student both in primary and secondary school who always achieved highly and set a good example for his fellow students.

Mr. Ratthatava then went on to study a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Law at the NUOL, which he completed in 2010.

Then, he decided to work as a journalist for a family life and business magazine, after the Family Magazine was officially established in 2012. His role was to source and produce news and information that was beneficial for the readers, promoting their family interests.

The following year, he was selected to become Editor- in-Chief of Family Magazine (Khobkhua Magazine), a role he continues in until today.

The magazine continues to provide wholesome and beneficial information for families about Lao traditions and culture as well as tips for succeeding in life.

Recently, Mr. Ratthatava received the exciting news that he was the first Lao person to receive a prestigious Cultural Leadership Award known as the Hemaraj Award 2016 or (Golden Lion Award) from Thailand for being a model to promote Lao traditions and culture.

He is the first Lao person to have ever received this award, which is generally only conferred to Thais.

Awarded by the Dindee Numsai Foundation of Thailand, it recognises people who have dedicated their lives to serving society.

It features five categories including the Moral Leadership Awards, Cultural Leadership Awards, Developer Organisation and Local Leadership Awards, Environmental and Forest Protection Leadership Awards and Academic and Education Leadership Awards.

Mr. Ratthatava Phouthavong received a Cultural Leadership Award for bringing popularity to Laos and Lao media in presenting news and information as well as Lao culture.

He was recognised as a role model in promoting Lao traditions and culture, especially the twelve festivals and fourteen traditions of Laos to the public eye, so that people inside and outside the country better understand its rich cultural heritage.

For his efforts in the cultural field, Mr.Ratthatava Phouthavong was recorded in Thai history as the first Lao person to have received the Hemaraj Award, joining more than 200 Thais and other foreign awardees at the ceremony.

Family Magazine presents information not only about business units but stories on various aspects of life and society.

It features articles on education, trade, business, helpful hints and tips, as well as covering entertainment and celebrities.

Family Magazine is currently a monthly magazine which has a good working team under Mr. Ratthatava, and is looking forward to future success.

The award for Mr. Ratthatava is a timely recognition of his efforts in terms of promoting and preserving Lao culture and traditions and will serve to inspire him to keep making strides in the field in the years ahead.


Source: Vientiane Times