More Science and Technology Cooperation Needed


The Ministry of Science and Technology still needs more cooperation between the state and private industry to improve and develop the sector.

For several years the nation’s science and technology sector has not developed according to plan because there is a lack of cooperation between the state and private sectors, a leading official said.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Chanseng Phimmavong made the remarks yesterday at the Science and Technology Cooperation Forum which highlighted the importance of cooperation and the contribution of the private firms to development in the sector.

The forum is held simultaneously with the Lao Techmart Exhibition and aims to discuss and exchange ideas and cooperation on science and technology in order to devise goals, projects, and strategic plans so they can be attained, he said.

At the meeting entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and both domestic and overseas organisations had the opportunity to gain an understanding of science and technology policies and how they relate to others sectors as well as discuss and team up with cooperation partners from different bodies attending the forum.

The ministry had cooperated with regional and international bodies to assist with funding and personnel exchanges in science as Laos lacked expertise compared with neighbouring countries, the deputy minister noted.

The government was supporting the private sector to encourage investment in the sector as part of the Sciences and Technology Development Strategy to 2025 and Vision to 2030 consistent with the 8th five year National Socio-Economic Development Plan as science, technology and innovation represented a driving force to achieve development goals by 2020, he added.

According to ministry, the government had placed a priority on developing its human resources in the science sector.

The ministry’s strategy focuses on developing scientific and technological thought and innovation, the development of human resources, and the building of science and technology centres in rural areas.

Source: Vientiane Times