Lao Front Strengthens Working Methods


The Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) needs continuous improvement despite good achievements in past months, including improvements to various regulations to bring them up to date with changing circumstances.

The advice was given to the Lao Front at the first plenary session of the Front’s Central Committee, held last week in Vientiane.

Central Committee members discussed the dissemination of the Front’s 10th Resolution, organisational structure at the local level and related regulations, personnel development, and implementation of the Front’s various programmes.

They also discussed a draft of the Front’s Central Committee instruction on the development of families and villages of solidarity as one of the criteria for creating developed villages.

In his closing remarks at the plenary session, LFNC President Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane praised the participation of the Central Committee in sharing lessons on creating village development funds, such as those set up by the community, and the management of funds.

He said the funds helped to provide easier and faster access to loans for use in poverty reduction, which was a way of consolidating solidarity among people.

He also commented on the management of funds, saying many village development funds had grown while those in some provinces had gone bankrupt. He called on the Front to continue to guide the establishment and effective operation of funds so they were sustainable.

Dr Xaysomphone also gave direction on the future focus of the Front’s Committee. He called for in-depth understanding of the main content of the 10th Resolution, and organisational improvement of all levels of the Front’s branches so that they operated effectively.

He advised the presidents of the Front at the capital and provincial levels to meet with eminent persons and elderly people from ethnic groups and religions, especially during upcoming traditional festivals such as the Hmong and Khmu New Years, and Christmas.

He said this was an opportunity to forge closer relationships, to listen and discuss the issues and interests of other groups, and to explain Party directives, government policy, the national socio-economic development plan, and various regulations.

Dr Xaysomphione also urged the Front’s leaders to strengthen coordination with the Front at the central level and with Party committees and administrations at the local level concerning personnel development plans.


Source: Vientiane Times