Chamber of Commerce and Industry, MMG Sepon Support Occupational Safety


The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a training workshop titled “Occupational Safety and Health Management” for private companies in Lao PDR on Oct 21.

This training is the first of a series of trainings to be held on occupational health and safety. Chairing the workshop was Ms Sengdavone Bangonesengdet, Secretary General of the Lao Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The workshop welcomed key resource persons from MMG LXML Sepon (LXML). Mr Viboon Sithimolada, manager for safety, health, the environment and community from LXML gave the presentation, “Why safety is important and why safety leadership matters in the context of fast growing industries in Laos.”

Participants also learned about safety basics, safety management tools, and workplace inspections.



Source: KPL