Wedding Fashion Show Promotes Lao Matrimonial Dress


A special wedding fashion show featuring a variety of Lao traditional costumes for grooms and their brides, as well as attire for wedding parties, was organised on Saturday at Vientiane Center, attracting a large number of interested spectators.

The event was described as colourful and meaningful because it was organised to present and promote Lao culture and traditions in relation to wedding ceremonies, showcasing traditional wedding attire for newly-weds as well as their family, friends and other attending guests.

Many fashion outlets which specialise in wedding fashion joined the event to showcase their best attire to interested members of the public.

The fashion show featured a variety of beautiful, colourful, and elegant traditional Lao silk costumes, including those worn by both women and men.

Before the fashion show started there was also a colourful demonstration of a groom’s procession and wedding ceremony which featured the main steps and rituals of a Lao wedding party.

The event was organised as part of the Laos Wedding Fair (lasting from October 29 to November 2) through cooperation between Phouvong Gold Store and Vientiane Center, aiming to promote Lao traditional costumes and their preservation.

The occasion was also timed to mark the celebration of the grand opening ceremony of the new Phouvong Gold Store within the Vientiane Center shopping complex.

The event was attended by Director of Vientiane Center, Mr. Sombath Siriphonevithaya, and Phouvong Gold Store director, Mr Phouvong Phamisith, the organising committee, officials, media personnel and members of the public.

The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Sombath, in which he expressed his impressions on holding the Laos Wedding Fair and fashion show and explained about the importance of the event and blessed the audience for this joyful occasion.

I am very happy to organise this important and meaningful event because it is a good way to promote Lao culture and preserve Lao textiles, especially wedding party costumes, which are very beautiful, charming, and identifiable. I hope you enjoy the fashion show and all the associated activities, he said.

Mr Phouvong said he was very pleased to organise the special fashion show because it meant that he could contribute to preserving the culture and traditions which Lao people have had since ancient times.

Lao people have very identifiable costumes which are different from other countries, especially our clothes made from silk; everyone enjoys dressing in them when attending social events, especially wedding parties.

So, we should preserve this tradition as well as possible. Seeing the importance of promoting and preserving our traditional costumes inspired us to hold this special event, Mr. Phouvong added.

Wedding parties are an important social event which Lao people have carried out from generation to generation.

Weddings are one among other traditions and social events, and also the most important moment of life for each new couple because it is the most special and meaningful time of their lives when they change their status from being single to married.

All relatives, friends, and colleagues are always invited to join wedding parties and they like to dress in Lao traditional costumes and the most popular ones are made from silk.

For the groom and his bride, they are always dressed in elegant full length suits and dresses fashioned from finely woven silk.


Source: Vientiane Times