Parliament Spells Out Additional Measures to Drive Development, Growth


The National Assembly (NA) has spelled out additional measures for the government to undertake, adding to the 10 measures presented by the government and adopted by parliament to drive social and economic development and spur growth.

In the Resolution adopted by the Assembly’s ordinary session which ended on Friday, parliament asked the government to create conditions conducive for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, which are the country’s economic foundation.

The lawmakers told the government to seriously reform state enterprises that are suffering from financial illiquidity.

The government was asked to properly implement policies to promote and attract better quality investment, while minimising dependence on natural-resource-driven growth.

The NA told the government to take strong action to carry out national-scale goods production, improve production quality, develop products for which Laos has potential as well as Lao brand products, and to seek markets. This could be achieved by introducing policies to enable farmers and operators to access technical assistance, finance, and markets.

Amid the current financial difficulties, lawmakers advised the government to place its investment focus on state- funded projects that would bring sound economic returns, while suspending those projects with low economic returns.

The government was told to review its education and health targets. Those targets failing to meet the set indicators would be taken into account when drawing up plans to pursue the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Parliament asked the government to do more to expand pre-school education and improve primary and secondary school education.

The lawmakers also told the government to place a greater emphasis on upgrading professional skills and raising ethical standards among doctors. They called for the government to train and distribute more healthcare staff to dispensaries and district hospitals.

The NA stressed the need to expand the social security system within communities and to carry out inspections to prevent contaminated food from being sold.

Parliament also told the government to take urgent action to complete the upgrade of labour skill standards and training curriculums to facilitate training of the workforce to meet the required standards and integrate with the Asean Economic Community.

Concerning unregulated resettlement, the NA called for the government to do more to stabilise resettlement and livelihoods for rural villagers.

The government was told to allocate appropriate investment for poverty-fighting initiatives in the 23 remaining poor districts, especially the poorest districts in Xaysomboun, Huaphan, Phongsaly and Xekong provinces in order to narrow the development gap between towns and rural areas.

The NA called for the government to define the national land policy to ensure it was in harmony with the national socio-economic development plan. Parliament asked the government to urgently introduce measures to address the environmental and social impacts caused by the unregulated use of chemicals in farming and manufacturing.

The government was told to take immediate action to address issues concerning polluted water and air as well as the bad smells caused by factories and investment projects, which affect local communities.

The NA told the government to take tougher action to regulate the timber industry. It also asked the government to appoint a task force working group under the Prime Minister’s Office to follow up and ensure that all ministries and local departments implement the policies and measures approved by parliament during this ordinary session.


Source: Vientiane Times


  1. I wouĺd to highly commend the NA for additional measures to drive development and growth particularly on poverty fighting in poor districts. Economic growth has to be used to improve the living standard of Lao people and fight against poverty in grass roots. Economic growth should not be commended by how high it grows but rather on how it is used for the interests if the Lao people. I would like to suggest our prestgious NA to follow up on the issues of poverty alleviation by asking the government to set up appropriate poverty alleviation indicators to be measured and updated then debated during NA sessions.