Doctors’ Training Course Boosts Health Prospects for Newborns


Paediatric experts need to learn more about infectious diseases, hematology, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and neurology if they are to improve the health of newborns and children.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Second Paediatrician Training on Monday, President of the Paediatrics Association of Laos, Associate Prof. Dr Khampe Phongsavath, said it is necessary to provide more training for paediatricians if they are to save the lives of more children.

Deputy Director of the Children’s Hospital, Dr Somxay Billamay, said he hoped the training would help to improve the skills of the 38 paediatricians attending the one-day session.

Topics covered included accurate diagnosis, cardiology, infection, parasitological diseases, nephrology, neonatology, hematology, allergies and respiratory conditions, radiology, emergency medicine, pathology, gastrointestinal problems, nutrition and obstetrics.

An official from the Department of Pathology at Kyungpook National University in the Republic of Korea, Prof. Yong-Jin Kim, also attended the event.

The I-HOPE project run by the Korea International Cooperation Agency supported the training course.


Source: Vientiane Times