Laos, China Partner in Drug Control


The Lao National Commission for Drug Control and Supervision has agreed to future cooperation with the Chinese government in the fight against illicit drugs.

Laos is already working to fulfil existing bilateral and multilateral agreements in drug control cooperation and the exchange of information and intelligence on drug trafficking with ASEAN countries and China.

Enhanced regional cooperation such as the joint operation Safe Mekong has strengthened networks and collaboration between Laos, China, Myanmar, and Thailand.

The 13th Laos-China Bilateral Meeting on Drug Control Cooperation took place in Vientiane yesterday to discuss and plan future cooperation on drug control, especially along the Laos-China border.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Lao National Commission for Drug Control and Supervision, Mr Kou Chansina, Deputy Secretary-General of China’s National Narcotics Control Commission, Mr An Guojun, and other officials from the two countries.

The two sides discussed future activities such as the exchange of information and law enforcement in relation to drug trafficking.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Kou said that over the past year the two countries had partnered in the training of officials and police officers to implement the Safe Mekong project. They had also shared information about drug trafficking through the two nations.

Laos is used as a transit country for the shipment of methamphetamine and heroin as well as precursor chemicals. Drug trafficking through Laos has been increasing with higher frequency and volume.

The northwest border in the Golden Triangle area is the main gateway for drug flow into Laos, while the southern border is increasingly used for drug outflow.

Methamphetamine tablets are the most abused drug in Laos, while the number of opium users remains almost stable.

According to a recent report from the Ministry of Public Security, more than 2,200 drug-related cases were handled in the first nine months of this year with more than 3,200 suspects arrested.

More than 1,850kg of methamphetamine tablets were seized along with 181kg of heroin, 106kg of raw opium, 300kg of dried cannabis, more than 130kg of crystal amphetamine (ice) and 1,105kg of powder used to mix and produce drugs.

Laos is closely involved in regional and international collaboration to combat drugs and tackle challenges. The government pays great attention to strengthening international cooperation to clamp down on drug trafficking and abuse.

Laos has signed bilateral agreements on cooperation against the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursor chemical control with a number of friendly countries such as China, Cuba, India, Russia, and the USA, as well as the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.


Source: Vientiane Times