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Laos is the Youngest Nation in Asia

Laos youngest nation in Asia

As many parts of the world prepare to cope with large aging populations, sparsely populated Laos remains the youngest nation in Asia.

According to a report in the Jakarta Post, Asia will boast the oldest population in the world in coming decades, with Japan already topping the world’s elderly …

Thai Border to Collect Toll from all Foreign Vehicles

Foreign vehicles entering Thailand by way of border will be expected to pay an ‘Asean road toll’ fee that the country plans to implement by the end of 2018.

Thailand plans to collect the toll from foreign motorists entering the country via border checkpoints due to increased road travel on

Laos Urban Expansion a Cause For Concern

With Laos being one of the primary countries set on a fast track towards urbanization, experts have raised concerns over the common challenges that cities in the Mekong River region are facing.

The experts on urban design and planning from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam believe that these cities are

Experts Warn China’s Railroad May Struggle with Future Funding

China’s “One Belt, One Road” vision of connecting itself to the rest of ASEAN has started to materialize, as construction on the railway has progressed to more than 10 percent of the project linking China’s border to Laos.

However, one expert has cautioned that the Chinese government’s financial support for

Thai Duo Attempts to Smuggle 105 Pangolins into Laos

On Tuesday, November 20, two Thai men were arrested in Chaiyaphum, Thailand after police discovered over 100 live pangolins in the back of two Toyota SUVs heading towards Nong Khai.

With the intent of smuggling 105 pangolins across the border to Laos, Pramote Kerdlamool, 32, and Payao Supsinthu, 38 were

Analysts Concerned with Laos’ Rising Debt

For the first time in twenty years, analysts have drawn their concerns back to potentially unsustainable debt that has been accruing in the region. Largely untouched by the ’97 collapse, experts fear that Laos could get pulled into a new era of financial turmoil.

According to a recent International Monetary

Daiso Japan Enters Lao Market

Everyone’s favorite budget-friendly chain has just made landfall in Laos, opening its doors for the very first time to the Lao public at the beginning of this month. The monster discount brand originated in Japan and is known for quality household items at highly affordable prices.

Established in 1977, Daiso

Laos Prints Largest and Longest Sovereign Bond Issue

Laos has successfully completed its largest and lengthiest bond issue, with a 14 billion baht ($419 million) six-tranche offering in the Thai debt capital markets.

Not only did the sovereign offering surpass the 12 billion baht issue Laos completed in 2015, it also pushed out its curve from 12 to