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River of wonders

Watching the sun set over the banks of the Mekong has to be one of the great draw-cards of visiting Laos.

That these banks are relatively undeveloped, in Laos at least, to some is one of its greatest assets. The Mekong may be one of the world’s great rivers, alongside, …

Village Life in Northern Laos

At first glance, there doesn’t seem much to Muang La. Therein of course lies its charms. Being right in the heart of a small community, Vincent Vichit-Vadakan gains insights into local life.…

Waterfalls worth chasing

Champasack province in southern Laos is dotted with stunning, pristine waterfalls, as our photographer Johnny discovered on a recent trip. Here are some of the amazing images he captured while there.…

Stairway to Heaven: A Stay at the Kiridara Luang Prabang

There’s an overwhelming number of things to do in Luang Prabang – temples to visit, cooking classes to take, museums to explore, and waterfalls to climb. So much so, in fact, that sometimes the best thing to do might be nothing at all. And where better than to do just …

48 Hours in PAKSE

Got 48 hours in Pakse to Eat, See, and Do? Use this guide courtesy of Champa Meuanglao magazine, the official inflight magazine of Lao Airlines.…

Laos is the Youngest Nation in Asia

Laos youngest nation in Asia

As many parts of the world prepare to cope with large aging populations, sparsely populated Laos remains the youngest nation in Asia.

According to a report in the Jakarta Post, Asia will boast the oldest population in the world in coming decades, with Japan already topping the world’s elderly …

Thai Border to Collect Toll from all Foreign Vehicles

Foreign vehicles entering Thailand by way of border will be expected to pay an ‘Asean road toll’ fee that the country plans to implement by the end of 2018.

Thailand plans to collect the toll from foreign motorists entering the country via border checkpoints due to increased road travel on

Laos Urban Expansion a Cause For Concern

With Laos being one of the primary countries set on a fast track towards urbanization, experts have raised concerns over the common challenges that cities in the Mekong River region are facing.

The experts on urban design and planning from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam believe that these cities are