Ministry Seeks to Strengthen Home Affairs


Administrative mechanisms which are not really serving to facilitate development, a lack of respect for the law by state administrative bodies and agencies, and non-compliance with organisational structures are the main challenges facing the home affairs sector.

These matters were revealed by the Ministry of Home Affairs at its annual meeting which opened yesterday in Vientiane.

Some of the main mandates of the ministry, which was established five years ago, are to study organisational improvements at ministry-equivalent organisations, government agencies, ministries, and administrative bodies.

The ministry also has a role to play in improving public administration at the provincial and district levels, as well as studying draft decrees and regulations to govern the sectors concerned.

In his opening remarks, Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Khammanh Sounvileuth highlighted some of the achievements made by the ministry in the past year, especially the improvements in relation to governance and public administration.

These measures have made the government agencies at the central and local levels more appropriate and effective.

Aside from providing for improved public services, they have also bolstered governance techniques and strengthened systems and public service mechanisms, thereby facilitating better governance and international cooperation, according to the minister.

Mr Khammanh also noted areas where the ministry needs to make more efforts, especially in relation to improving administrative mechanisms which remain a hindrance to development.

Other areas that require examination include the lack of enforcement of the relevant laws and regulations by various government agencies and the development of new legislation to further development.

Public service management is an important issue the ministry has to evaluate and address, according to the minister, who said this work shall be implemented under the Sam Sang directive throughout the country. At the meeting, which will continue until tomorrow, participants from the home affairs sector throughout the country will discuss capacity building for the improvement of governance structures and administrative and management mechanisms at the central and local levels following the direction of streamlining, strengthening, and effectiveness, and the Sam Sang (Three Builds).

Building understanding and strengthening consensus in regards to the creation of mechanisms on ethnicity and religion management, capacity enhancement of public servants and government employee’s development and management.

The ministry also has to oversee the creation of modern mechanisms for citizens as well as improve the complimentary awards for good performance, all of which are matters on the agenda of the three-day meeting of the home affairs sector.

The priority activities of the ministry for the next five years will also be tabled as part of the meeting agenda.

Some of the rights and powers of the Ministry of Home Affairs include the inspection and appraisal of the work performance by civil servants in all sectors.

However the performance of civil servants has continued to raise public complaints, especially about recruitment and promotion in the public sector, which has been a particular issue of concern among members of the public.


Source: Vientiane Times