Lao Contestant of Tourism Pageant Enters Final Round


Ms Varissara Tangsouvanh is a representative delegate from Laos participating in the Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2016 pageant, which is entering its final stages this week.

The final round of the pageant will take place on December 18 to select the best representative of tourism in her respective country.

The ladies represent 55 different countries and have participated in the pageant since November 28 in Shanghai to promote tourism and the exchange of culture.

Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International is a world class event that honours the exceptional participants, who gracefully uphold the epitome of beauty, composure, good moral character and personality.

Throughout this stage of the event, the neighbouring countries and the world will learn more about Laos and Lao culture as Ms Varissara enters the final round. The attention will now be on her much more than previous rounds.

First Modeling Lao Representative, Mr Viengsamone Chittalath, who initially hired Ms Varissara as a model, urges Lao people to follow her progress as she promotes Lao culture to the world.


Source: Vientiane Times