Animal Feed Technicians Beef Up Analysis Skills


The Animal Feed Laboratory Centre at the Livestock and Fisheries Department and the Faculty of Agriculture at Thailand’s UbonRatchathani University last week held a training session on feed composition analysis for the improved management of animal feed.

Almost 20 trainers and technicians received certificates after the five day course held in Vientiane.

The trainees came from the Animal Feed Laboratory Centre, National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute, Agriculture and Cooperative Promotion Department, Vientiane livestock and fisheries section, Nabong Agriculture College, Northern Agriculture and Forestry College and Dongkhamxang Technical Agriculture and Forestry School, along with animal feed laboratory representatives from the Khoumvang Mai Company.

Through the course, participants learnt about the management and inspection of animal feed quality, the rules and principles applied in animal feed laboratories, how to collect and prepare animal feed samples for analysis, preparation of chemicals for animal feed analysis, and the humidity analysis of animal feed.

They also learnt how to analyse the content of animal feed and to check imported meat for the presence of disease, as taught by Thai specialists.

The course is important for the production of animal feed, processing and mixing as well as the inspection and certification of the quality of animal feed along with sharing information with students and those who operate animal feed businesses.

The lessons learnt will help with the management of animal feed that is processed in Laos and imported, ensuring that it is safe and hygienic. Good quality feed is necessary to meet the growing demand for raising livestock, with more animals needed for local consumption and for export.

Deputy Director of the Livestock and Fisheries Department, MrBounthongSaphackdy, said he believed trainees would share their knowledge with other agricultural staff and te chnicians around the country.

Course participants w ould be able to analyse the composition of feed produced within the country and control that used in imports, all with a view to enhancing growth of the livestock industry, he said.

The course was part of the Quality Laboratory Animal Feed Development Project, which is a cooperation project between Laos and Thailand.

The project was supported by the Thailand International Cooperation Agency with technical assistance and animal feed analysis equipment used in animal feed laboratories.

Source: Vientiane Times