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Furball 2018: Animal Love, Welfare Aspirations Light Up The Night in Laos

Furball 2018 for Vimaan Suan Foundation in Vientiane Laos.

Fashionable Folk and Animal Spirits were very much in attendance as the very first Furball 2018 touched down in the Lao capital Saturday with some 150 folk in attendance.

Attendees helped raise funds for construction of a secure fence to mark the perimeter of Laos’ very first sanctuary for aged, infirm and other domestic animals, offering treatment and dignity to felines and “man’s best friend” alike.

In a salute to the effort, an entertainment line up of some of Laos biggest names such as Ola of the band Black Eyes, Aluna Thavansouk and Tot Lina hit the stage with well known tunes in Lao and English languages.

The musical feast was preceded by multiple courses of Crowne Plaza Hotel’s very finest kitchen creations.

Love Me, Love My Dog

Coming out to the strains of 70s British pop singer Peter Shelley’s hit was Aluna Thavansouk.

She also thrilled the charity’s supporters with her version of John Lennon’s legendary Imagine.

You Make Me So Very Happy

Attendees were treated to the rare reemergence of Singapore-bred & Laos-based inspiration Shanaynay, who lent her voice and presence to thrill the crowd.

The smooth voice of Sanonh and the up and coming vocals of Pepsi Song Contest Winner Kob also tickled the fancy of the animal lovers in attendance.

Furry Friends for a Cause

The fundraising Gala supports the Vimaan Suan Foundation’s Sanctuary Building Fund.

Proceeds from FurBall 2018 are be earmarked for Phase One of the construction of the Sanctuary located in Naxaythong District.

According to organisers, “each ticket sold will help build approximately 1 meter of wall that is 3 meters tall to protect the resident animals from predators and dog/cat thieves.

“Additional funds raised will be used to raise the level of the land to ensure the safety of the resident animals in the event of flooding.”


Furball 2018 for Vimaan Suan Foundation in Vientiane Laos.

Securing Laos’ First Animal Sanctuary for Aged & Infirm Pet & Domestic Furries Sees Friends Flocking to Ball for Wall

Friends of Fur Gathering at Ball for A Wall At Laos' First Animal Sanctuary
Albert Einstein & Friends Would Come Out For Furball 2018

“If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals” – Albert Einstein

Hey smart ladies and gents! Animal lovers!! All friends of the fur in Laos!!!

Vimaan Suan Foundation and Crowne Plaza Vientiane jointly present FurBall 2018, a fundraiser for the Vimaan Suan Foundation’s Sanctuary Building Fund that touches down in Vientiane on November 24, 2018.

Award-winning celebrities from Laos including Aluna Thavonsouk, Tot Lina, Ola, Sanonh Maniphonh will be joined by 2018 Pepsi Singing Contest Winner Kob to entertain supporters attending the gala dinner.

Vimaan Suan Foundation is the first foundation dedicated to improving the welfare of domestic animals/pets in Laos to be registered in the country.

Programmes supported by the Foundation include vaccination projects, school and youth education programmes, community service programmes, capacity building programmes and a sanctuary for senior and special-needs dog and cats.

Based on estimates, each ticket sold will help build about 1 square meter of a wall that is some 3m tall to that will help to protect the sanctuary’s resident animals.

All proceeds raised will be earmarked for the First Phase of construction for the sanctuary which is located in Vientiane’s Naxaythong district.

Exclusive partners for FurBall 2018 are BeerLao, Carlsberg, AEnoteca, BlueGrass Design Group, Sisane Artist and Rajah and Tann Asia.

Sponsors and supporters include Lao Tobacco Limited, Mercure Vientiane, Vientiane Dog Paradise, Yokohama Japanese Restaurant, Hangout Restaurant, intown Restaurant, LV Imex, International Veterinary Centre, RDK Group, Tukata Vientiane Nursery, Super BBQ, Coco Bar, The Laotian Times, Soap4Life, Bounxouei Foundation, iVET, Saoban, Panyanivej Organic Farm, MyVet, Planet Internet, KPY, Terminal 8, Lao Lake House, Animal Doctors International with more being added as they are confirmed.

Tickets are $120 and are available at Crowne Plaza Vientiane (please ask for Rhandy), Vientiane Dog Paradise, Yokohama Japanese Restaurant, intown Restaurant, Hangout Restaurant, LV Imex, Bar the Way and directly from Vimaan Suan Foundation volunteers. Tables of 8 are available for $100 per person (total $800) if purchased before November 22, 2018. Credit card sales are available at HangOut Restaurant, intown Restaurant and LV Imex.

Securing Laos' 1st Animal Sanctuary, Friends of Fur Gather for Ball for Wall

Securing Laos' 1st Animal Sanctuary, Friends of Fur Gather for Ball for Wall

20USD per head discount for full table bookings

Friends of Fur Gathering at Ball for A Wall At Laos' First Animal Sanctuary

Animal Feed Technicians Beef Up Analysis Skills

The Animal Feed Laboratory Centre at the Livestock and Fisheries Department and the Faculty of Agriculture at Thailand’s UbonRatchathani University last week held a training session on feed composition analysis for the improved management of animal feed.

Almost 20 trainers and technicians received certificates after the five day course held in Vientiane.

The trainees came from the Animal Feed Laboratory Centre, National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute, Agriculture and Cooperative Promotion Department, Vientiane livestock and fisheries section, Nabong Agriculture College, Northern Agriculture and Forestry College and Dongkhamxang Technical Agriculture and Forestry School, along with animal feed laboratory representatives from the Khoumvang Mai Company.

Through the course, participants learnt about the management and inspection of animal feed quality, the rules and principles applied in animal feed laboratories, how to collect and prepare animal feed samples for analysis, preparation of chemicals for animal feed analysis, and the humidity analysis of animal feed.

They also learnt how to analyse the content of animal feed and to check imported meat for the presence of disease, as taught by Thai specialists.

The course is important for the production of animal feed, processing and mixing as well as the inspection and certification of the quality of animal feed along with sharing information with students and those who operate animal feed businesses.

The lessons learnt will help with the management of animal feed that is processed in Laos and imported, ensuring that it is safe and hygienic. Good quality feed is necessary to meet the growing demand for raising livestock, with more animals needed for local consumption and for export.

Deputy Director of the Livestock and Fisheries Department, MrBounthongSaphackdy, said he believed trainees would share their knowledge with other agricultural staff and te chnicians around the country.

Course participants w ould be able to analyse the composition of feed produced within the country and control that used in imports, all with a view to enhancing growth of the livestock industry, he said.

The course was part of the Quality Laboratory Animal Feed Development Project, which is a cooperation project between Laos and Thailand.

The project was supported by the Thailand International Cooperation Agency with technical assistance and animal feed analysis equipment used in animal feed laboratories.

Source: Vientiane Times

Animal Vaccination Day Gives Boost to Livestock Health

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is encouraging every province and district in the country to make sure livestock are vaccinated against common diseases.

Last year, animal disease outbreaks occurred in many provinces. Regular vaccination would improve the health of individual animals and also help to make entire areas disease free, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr Phouangparisak Pravongviengkham, said on Friday.

The deputy minister was speaking at an event in Phonxay village, Xaythany district, Vientiane, to mark National Animal Vaccination Day on November 11.

Farmers across the country are being urged to get their livestock vaccinated to decrease the number of unexpected animal deaths.

The day focused on the importance of vaccinating all livestock, as vaccinations can prevent terrible suffering and deaths among animals.

Today, more than 400 animals will be vaccinated, including buffaloes, cattle, goats, and pigs, Dr Phouangparisak said.

The ministry will focus on surveillance in high-risk areas, animal movement control and illegal trading. Officials instructed authorities around the country to carry out similar vaccination activities on this day.

This year, we hope that farmers cooperate so that 80-100 percent of animals in target districts are vaccinated. We would like to see 70 percent of livestock in towns vaccinated and 40 percent of animals in rural areas, Dr Phouangparisak added.

We’ll use more than 10 types of vaccine to protect livestock, including poultry, to prevent seasonal diseases, he said.

We selected November 11 as a suitable day for this initiative because this is when livestock gather in pens and most farmers have finished their rice harvesting. It is also the start of the cold season, when many animal diseases can occur.

An animal cannot tell you what it feels but diligent owners can spot signs that something is not right. But with some diseases, which can be prevented by vaccination, signs of illness may mean it is already too late.

According to the Xaythany agriculture and forestry office, people can bring their animals to be vaccinated at any district agriculture and forestry office from November 2016 to November 2017.

It is expected that over 600,000 animals will be vaccinated in Xaythany district this fiscal year.

Source: Vientiane Times

Association Pursues Wild Animal Protection Efforts

The Lao Wildlife Conservation Association (LWCA) is carrying out a wildlife conservation and capacity building project to help protect wild animals in Laos.