140 Fires Inflict Property Damage Nationwide in 2016


A total of 140 fires were reported around the country this year, killing one person, injuring two others and causing over 115 billion kip in damages, according to the Fire Prevention and Protection Police Department.

The department, which is part of the Ministry of Public Security, noted that 188 houses burned down, along with a market, an apartment, 30 shops, three school buildings, four warehouses, two petrol stations, one furniture shop and five monks’ living quarters.

Seven cars and six motorbikes were among the many items damaged or destroyed.

Sixty-three of the fires were caused by electrical short circuits, another five by arson, 48 through carelessness or forgetfulness, and four due to technical error. Another 20 fires are still under investigation.

The biggest fire occurred at the Dao Heuang market in Pakxe district, Champassak province. The blaze gutted the market and caused damages estimated at 58 billion kip.

Sixty-one of the fires occurred in Vientiane, causing over 24 billion kip in damages.

One fire occurred last week in Nongbone village, Xaysettha district, where a house burned down after an electrical short-circuit in a bedroom.

The house was owned by Ms Sanila, 68, and the blaze caused damages estimated at over 800 million kip.

The police and Vientiane Rescue deployed fire trucks to bring the blaze under control, reporting that the fire took hold very quickly as many of the items inside the house were highly flammable. It took fire fighters about 20 minutes to completely extinguish the flames.

The second fire last week occurred in Phakhao village, Xaythany district. It destroyed one house rapidly and spread to two other houses but was then contained. Luckily, no one died.

The concrete single-storey house that was destroyed was owned by MsChanpheng, 59. The blaze caused damage estimated at over 650 million kip and police and other authorities are currently investigating the cause.

T he Fire Prevention and Protection Police Department has urged residents to check electrical devices before leaving home, to take care when burning rubbish, and not to let children play with fire.

The department also repeated its warning for people to be on guard against accidental fires and not to take risks with electrical wiring or appliances, or to leave burning candles unattended, as these are the most common causes of house fires.

Source: Vientiane Times