Water Route to Sky Lake in Attapeu Remains Unexplored


Attapeu province has yet to conduct a water route survey to the popular NongFa (Sky Lake) after the provincial governor approved a proposal some months ago.

Developing a water route to NongFa is considered to be the most comfortable way for visitors to access the site and also see natural forests and mountains along the river.

An anonymous official from the province told Vientiane Times on Wednesday that so far no work has been carried out to develop this water route.

However, we’ve heard that the local company that proposed the project is trying to find another company as a partner to help with the survey and development of the route to the lake, he said.

According to the provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, foreigners always ask to go Sky Lake when visiting the province.

The proposed route is about 50 kilometres long and it would take a boat about one hour to travel from Sammakhixay district to the lake.

Alternatively, the road route to the lake is about 170km long, but one section of about 70km is difficult to negotiate in the wet season.

The lake is located high on a hilltop and has very clear water that reflects the blue sky and resembles the sea in colour. It is believed the lake formed after a meteor crashed at the site hundreds of years ago.

The region is home to the Brao ethnic group, one of 11 distinct groups in Attapeu province. They typically build their houses on hilltops and wear elaborate bracelets on their arms and legs. They also cut their teeth, pierce their ears, and use animal tusks as earrings.

Attapeu province was chosen as Laos’ representative in The Cities of Charm’ pavilion at the China-Asean Exposition held in China in September.

The popular southern tourist attraction was featured during the event in a bid to promote tourism and city-to-city exchanges.


Source: Vientiane Times