Thai Embassy Confirms New Visa Policies


The Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane has issued a notice confirming the Kingdom’s new visa policies. The official notice serves to clarify the rumor of new policies after a draft notice surfaced on the internet last week.

The official notice issued by the Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane stipulates the following three points:

“1. From 1 December 2016 – 28 February 2017, foreigners of all nationalities could submit application for a Single Entry (60 days) Tourist Visa to Thailand without visa fee at the Consular Section of the Royal Thai Embassy.

2. Foreigners who work or reside permanently in the Lao PDR are eligble for applying for the Multiple Entries Tourist Visa (METV) to Thailand. METV costs 5,000 baht, valid for 6 months and foreigners would be able to stay in Thailand up to 60 days per journey. Rules and regulations apply.

3. For those nationalities that are currently under the the 30 day visa waiving scheme, 2 journeys to Thailand per year would be granted under the scheme through any international land boundary checkpoint to Thailand. Please inquire with immigration officers at the checkpoint for further information.”



  1. Suppose I foreigner , have a Lao ‘spouse visa’ or 2 months Arrival visa @ the border, like in the past……i would be needing a Thai multiple Entry tourist visa to comply would I?

  2. The Thais really know how to make farang welcome, lol, welcome if the farang pays for everything 555, come to Thailand (where the guest is forced to be a host) and marry a gold digging Thai woman, you are so welcome 555. Thailand,home of brain dead Westerners


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