Attapeu International Airport Shuts Down

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After flights between Vientiane-Attapeu ceased since October 2016, the Attapeu airport has been temporarily shut down.

Passenger numbers were continually low, and flights were infrequent, with only 139,600 people living in Attapeu Province.

Authorities of Attapeu province revealed that Lao Airlines decided to stop offering flights from Vientiane to Attapeu from October 2016 without releasing any official notice, and had not yet announced this matter to the public.

In addition, local authorities stated that the population of Attapeu is small, although it shares borders with Vietnam and Cambodia. The main economic activities of Attapeu Province are power production, mining, and industrial plantations.  Few tourists visit the province. 

The Attapeu International Airport was opened in 2015 and the total value of the construction was more than 289 billion Kip, or approximately US $36.9 million.