Chinese Institute to Upgrade Lao English Teachers


The English Language Institute of China (ELIC) has provided a grant of over 33 billion kip (US$ 4 million) for development of human resources in Laos aimed at English language skills development in universities and colleges.

The project will support the National University of Laos and the Arts Education College in Vientiane Capital, Savannakhet University and the Savannakhet Teacher Training College, Champasack University and the Pakse Teacher Training College, Souphanouvong Univesrity, the Luang Prabang Teacher Training College, and Khangkhay Teacher Training College in Xieng Khuang Province.

An agreement was signed between ELIC and the Ministry of Education and Sports last Friday to commence  the Unveristy and Teacher Training College English Language Teaching Program at targeted institutions.  The agreement was signed by ELIC Country Director, Mr Matt Lafferty, and Director General of the External Relations Department, Ministry of Education and Sports, Ms Chanthavone Phandamnong.

This project will span five years and will bring qualified native-English speaking teachers to Laos to properly train English teachers. The project will also have a hand in developing curriculums.

The ELIC  program will also include teaching workshops, as well as establishing resource libraries for faculty and students.

ELIC has already been assisting teachers in Xieng Khuang Province for the past three years. At the request of the Ministry of Education and Sports, a greater emphasis is to be placed upon development of human resources in Xieng Khuang Province. Development courses will be provided for 132 teachers in Nonghet, Khoun, Mok, Phoukoud, and Phaxay districts.

The English Language Institute of China been providing native English speaking teachers to universities in China for the past 35 years. Over the last 20 years the institute has been assisting other nations as well, and began its involvement in Laos in 1996.

In 1998, ELI Laos began a long-term partnership with the Lao government, Ministry of Education and Sports, and the National University of Laos.

ELI has established resource libraries in each faculty served by its teachers. These libraries contain hundreds of teaching resources for instructors, as well as thousands of books for student use.

ELI sees the continuation of the ELI University English Teaching Program and the ELI Teacher Training English Teaching Program as high priorities in light of the current political and economic climate within Laos and throughout the region.

Source: Vientiane Times