Laos to Build First Vehicle Inspection Center

Laos Vehicle Inspection Center

Laos aims to establish the nation’s first vehicle inspection center, focusing on the safety of road transport in the country.

The new inspection center will be established on a 5-hectare plot of land and has been scheduled to begin construction in 2018.  The center is estimated to cost more than $10 million USD to erect, with investment by UMG Lao. Testing facilities, offices, storage, and a training center for drivers have also been incorporated in the upcoming plans for the hub.

It has been confirmed by Chalongchai Chayutrapong, UMG Lao’s firm director and chief executive officer, that an agreement amongst UMG Lao and the Department of Standardisation and Metrology under the Ministry of Sciences and Technology has been signed for cooperation and construction of the center.

He stated, “We have discussed the need for this center with authorities since last year, as other ASEAN countries have high vehicle standards but Laos still lacks a vehicle inspection center for guaranteeing the quality of vehicles.”

It has been expressed by the chief executive officer, that the objective for the new center is for it to serve as a hub of resource and development, to facilitate inspection services and field standard research, and play a significant role in ensuring vehicle quality is standardized in the country.

The Ministry of Sciences and Technology and UMG Lao have been working together so construction of the facility can begin sometime next year, explains Viengthong Vongthavilay, the acting director-general of the Department of Standardisation and Metrology.

The ministry has been striving to develop its human resources in the field of standards so they can establish more vehicle-quality inspections and present standard certificates to businesses nationwide that meet the required benchmark.

Photo: SGCarmart