Strong Winds and Thunderstorms Wreaks Havoc on Kasy District, Officials Say More To Come

Storm in Kasy

Due to thunderstorms and strong winds on Wednesday evening, fifteen houses and one school building in  Kasy District, Vientiane Province were damaged. Two young girls were also reported to have sustained minor injuries.

Head of Kasy District Office, Mr Phengkham Chanthamoungkhoun, stated that heavy winds and rain picked up at around 4:30pm and persisted throughout the rest of the night leaving communities impaired by it. Phonsavath, Viengsamai and Nongbuathong were the three villages that saw the most damage from the storm.

Property damage was estimated at over 127 million kip, battering 13 houses and downing 10 trees. Meanwhile, violent winds tore down a house in Nongbuathong village and a school building in Phonsavath village leaving behind many buildings roofless and with heavy structural damage.

Severe weather conditions are anticipated to become increasingly prevalent in Laos as global air and sea temperatures rise in unison with the effects of human-induced climate change.

A weather forecast made by the Weather Forecasting and Aeronautical Meteorology Division of the Meteorology and Hydrology Department, predicts that all regions around the country will see hot weather intensify by 1-3C from March 30 to April 1.

High temperatures are expected to be followed by heavy wind gusts and light rain in some districts.

In Vientiane, temperatures are anticipated to range from a low of 23 to a high of 38 degrees C.

In northeastern areas, temperatures are set to range from 16-30 degree while in the northwest, temperatures are set to lie within an 18-37 degree band.

Central areas will see temperatures set to range from 24-37C while the south can expect temperatures varying from 12-27C.

The Meteorology and Hydrology Department is asking officials and residents in the affecting provinces to reinforce awareness in preparation for the extreme weather changes, particularly in cases with children and elderly people. The department is also urging the public to monitor national and local news media for weather updates.