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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Vice President Tackles Corruption Within Organizations

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Organization directors have been notified by Vice President Phankham Viphavanh that corruption uncovered within their organization, including subordinates serving under their supervision, will not be tolerated and will lead to dismissal.

The motion was put forth to handle and control corruption within the government and to prevent it from escalating any further. The Vice President explained that corruption needed to be extinguished in order to create public trust of leadership of the Party and Government.

“The secretariat of the Party Central Committee has strengthened corruption prevention and suppression measures by making a decision that those who serve as directors of government organisations shall be responsible for any corruption committed in their organisations,” said the vice president.

“Among the problems the Party has attached most importance to and that need urgent address is corruption, which is prevalent at all levels and in all groups of people in the Lao society today, especially corruption committed in the Party and government realms which continues to plague political stability and national security,” he continued.

“If this problem (corruption) remains unaddressed, it will have effects on the leading role of the Party and the national security. The Central Party Committee have discussed this issue so seriously that if corruption and power abuse occur in any organisations, their heads must play a leading role in tackling the problem. If they fail to address it, they would be considered for removal from the post. That is our decision. If a ghost project — a fake project — is invented, the director of the organisation that invents such a ghost project must be first to be punished. We will observe this rule from today onwards,”  the vice president stated.


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