Officials Drafting Order to Regulate Entertainment Venues


Officials are in the process of drafting a prime ministerial order on the management of bars, night clubs, entertainment venues that promote the consumption of alcohol and gambling sites, that are located within 500 meters of educational facilities, hospitals and other specified locations.

According to an official from the Ministry of Education and Sports, meetings have been held to draft the prime ministerial order. However, the draft, implementation and authorization, is still considered inadequate and needs to be revised and clarified before the order can be implemented.

Professor Dr Chaleun Yiapaoher, government spokesman, recently informed local media that the order will require entertainment venues and alcohol outlets that currently operate close to educational institutions and hospitals to relocate to sites at least 500 metres away.

Various pieces of legislation, including the Law on Alcohol Beverages and Law on Education, prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages near nine categories of premises, however, they are not enforced.

The prime ministerial order is being drawn up to address and resolve public complaints on the presence of  recreational facilities that have opened establishments  in inappropriate locations.