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Connecting the Unconnected with an Offline Internet System

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In this day and age, one thing is for certain; information is power. Over four billion people in developing countries are missing out on that power, due to the lack of proper internet access.

More than half of the Lao population are uninformed on the life-changing benefits of connectivity, particularly in rural areas, missing out on a wealth of information pertaining to financial, health, education and other important services .

Information and technology experts  want to change that, and have partnered up with Be-Bound Company in attempt to provide remote areas of the country with an “offline internet” system.

In a recent meeting held in Vientiane, technology experts and staff from the Be-Bound Company discussed the use and necessity of an “offline internet” system in Laos, that would benefit those who cannot afford an internet connection.

This technology is aimed to be used with mobile devices in remote areas,  that will utilize SMS to gain broader access to information at an affordable price. The system allows people to text questions and be provided with answers.

Deputy Director General of the Information and Technology Department under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr Souliya Sengdaravong, states that the “offline” internet system has a specific meaning in terms of computer technology and telecommunications, in contrast to “online” internet which operates using a telephone signal.

After installation of the “offline” internet system is complete, useful information can be sent to local communities regarding science and technology, education, health, agriculture, and other various sectors.

“Internet for all, a Framework for Accelerating, Internet Access and Adoption”, is a Be-Bound initiative that requires minimal preparations and is easily installed by telecom companies in the country due to it making use of  the existing telephone signal system.

Be-Bound Company representative, Michel Ktitareff, explained that the system could be utilized in all areas of the country where there was a telephone signal and would rectify the current lack of accessible information.

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