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Officials Continue to Regulate Illegally Imported Cars

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Government officials are attempting to address the slew of illegally imported cars in the country, by implementing measures that will prevent and regulate vehicles that are being sold in Laos unlawfully.

At a  two-day monthly cabinet meeting for June, chaired by Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, government officials focused on the pressing issue of illegally imported cars  in the country, and the progress of previously implemented measures.

In January, The Ministry of Finance was ordered by government officials to collaborate with the relevant departments, in facilitating an investigation into 5,639 cars that were identified as being illegally imported.

Under the finance ministry, the customs department had reported that the number of illegally imported vehicles had cost the state an estimated 66 billion kip in lost revenue.

In response, authorities were directed to perform a number of measures to address the issue, which included returning the illegally imported cars back to the country of origin, likely a neighboring country.

Cars that had been determined to have been imported into Laos accompanied with fake documents, had been ordered to be seized as state assets.

In cases where a vehicle had been sold to an individual buyer, who had unknowingly purchased the illegally imported car, the buyer was required to  pay  fines that pertained to the relevant law and regulations, but was not required to relinquish the car.

However, those who were found guilty of being  involved in the illegal activity, were subjected to punishment according  to the country’s laws.

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