Oct 4-6 Official Boat Racing Festival Dates


Following an announcement made by the Governor of Chanthabouly district, Mrs. Bouarone Vongdarasan, the annual Boat Racing Festival will officially take place Oct 4-6 at Chao Anouvong Park.

Traditionally, the festival is held every year at Tha Vat Chanh, Chanthaboury district, where boats representing public organizations, private sector, business community and communities compete for victories and prizes.

With the festival drawing massive crowds of guests, participants and vendors from Vientiane Capital and provinces all across the country, the aim of the event is to promote and preserve the culture of the Lao people.

Many vendors travel long distances to sell popular traditional street foods such as khao lam, ping kai and tam mak houng. 

Almsgiving will be made by buddhist worshippers at 7:00am on October, 5 followed by a traditional candle lit procession held at temples nationwide after sunset. In the evening, people release small banana trunk boats lit with candles down the river for good luck, also referred to as lai heua fai.

Oct. 6 the boat racing festivities will conclude, followed by the winners being announced and trophies awarded in the late afternoon.

Roadsides near the boat racing venue and vacant land, along with footpaths, are designated paid parking spaces. Standard parking fees vary, typically starting at 3,000 kip per bicycle, 5,000 kip per motorcycle and 15,000 kip for cars.

Local authorities have stressed that maintaining peace and order during the celebration of the festival is a high priority.