Red Cross Urges Public for Blood Donations


In an effort to secure an adequate blood supply for the country, Red Cross officials are urging people to donate blood due to the rising demand in medical situations.

According to a Red Cross official, in order to maintain an adequate blood supply,  at least 1% of the population in a country are required to donate blood. However, Laos falls far below par, with only .48% of the population donating.

Head of the Lao Red Cross National Blood Transfusion Centre, Mr Phengthong Banchanthavong, stated at a blood drive held in Vientiane, “The vision of the National Blood Transfusion Centre is to increase the number of blood donors to 1% of the population in the country by 2020.”

He added that every year, the target is ambitiously set at an estimated 60,000 people to give blood, however the reality is only 30,000 people give blood annually.

Blood donation is especially needed for patients with thalassemia, anaemia, dengue fever, accident victims, among others.

80% of current blood donations in Laos are contributed by high school and university students, civil servants, military officers and those from the business community.

For more information on blood donations, please contact : Lao Red Cross National Blood Transfusion Centre Phainam Rd, Ban Sisaket, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.  856 21 21 8922,  Fax: 856 21 218923