Phongsavanh Group to Hold Share in Khonkaen Airlines

Khonkaen Airlines

Khonkaen Airlines could become a reality if a three-way joint venture between Phongsavanh Group of Laos, Mekong Group from Singapore, and the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce comes to fruition.

A memorandum of understanding has already been signed between the three groups for a study which will be undertaken to ascertain the feasibility of establishment of the airline. The study should be completed within the next six months.

While the airline will be registered in Thailand, according to the Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce, Phongsavanh Group, which previously operated Lao Central Airlines, would provide the aircraft. Boeing 737-800 MAX and 777-300 are the likely candidates for passenger craft.

The Khon Kaen airport already sees approximately 1.5 million passengers each year, with a number of foreign airlines interested to make use of the city.

Future routes by Khonkaen Airlines are expected to include destinations in the Mekong region, as well as China and possibly other parts of Asia.

Source: Bangkok Post