Wild Elephant Crosses Laos-China Border

elephant crosses border Laos China

A wild elephant has been caught on camera crossing the border between Laos and China.

CCTV footage captured the wild elephant in south-west China strolling through the border crossing before sunup on Saturday morning.

The elephant walked from Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunanna Province, and took a walk across the border into neighboring Laos.

Cameras at the Chahe border crossing checkpoint took footage of the elephant walking toward the exit. When reaching the railing, the elephant slows and crosses the obstacle into the territory of Laos.

Border offiicals immediately sent two teams of soldiers to monitor the elephant and ensure its safety.

An hour later, the elephant headed back toward the border crossing, walking around the railing.

There are about 300 wild Asian elephants in China, found mostly in the forests of Yunnan Province.


Image / Video: The Star Online