Vientiane Motorists Can Expect 10-Fold Fines for Speeding and Drunk Driving


The Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security and Vientiane police authorities intend to impose 10-fold fines on speeding motorists and drunk drivers in the capital city.

It is expected that implementing these heavy penalties will help to reduce alcohol-related accidents, injuries and fatalities.

“This year, the Lao police intend to enforce the law and firmly penalize irresponsible road users more strictly,” Vientiane Traffic Police Department Deputy Director Major Sangkhom Phommalath said.

“Currently, we are making a draft plan for implementation of 10-fold increased fines and will submit to Vientiane People’s Council this month. If the council approves, they will issue a notice to start the implementation of 10-fold fines in the capital,” he said.

The 10-fold fines are to be implemented under Prime Minister’s Decree No. 188 issued in 2007 that outlines the measures to be taken against rule-breakers.

“Those caught driving under the influence will be fined 10,000 Lao kip (1.2 U.S. dollars) to 1 million kip depending on the type of vehicle they are driving,” Major Sangkhom said.

Meanwhile, speeding drivers of other private vehicles such as cars, pick-up trucks, jeeps and vans which would typically be fined 50,000 kip will have to pay 500,000 kip.

In the first four months of this year, 2,341 road accidents around the country resulted in 429 deaths, 3,816 people injured and 4,067 vehicles damaged, the report quoted the Lao Minister of Public Security, Major General Somkeo Silavong as saying.

Source: Xinhua, Vientiane Times


  1. To be honest, the most road accidents must be attributed to the the road worthiness of the vehicles. Most motorcycles are without proper breaking system, lights etc. As for cars, the same applies.
    The usage of phones while driving and riding is also another factor that contributes to these accidents.
    When tackling these issues, the authorities must be hard and consistent and it has to be serious in enforcing any regulations and once enforced, implementation has to be consistent and on going.