Lao Doctors Urged to Provide Correct Dengue Treatment

Doctors in Laos treating a patient with dengue fever.
Doctors in Laos treating a patient with dengue fever.

Laos has advised health officials and medical staff to ensure that all dengue patients strictly follow the treatment plan provided by doctors.

“In 2019, Lao health officials are facing the highest number of dengue fever cases in recent years,” said Khampe Phongsavath, president of the Paediatrics Association of Laos, and a member of the dengue control and prevention team under Lao Ministry of Health, as quoted by Vientiane Times.

Khampe added that he wanted to give advice to people so that they were properly informed about ways to prevent the dengue virus.

Laos is currently facing an unusually high number of dengue cases across the country. As of August 3, a total of 20,388 people have been diagnosed with dengue fever nationwide, and 48 have died, according to a report by the Laos Ministry of Health.

Accordingly, the Lao government is stepping up efforts to contain the virus.

Each province in the country have set up special taskforces to engage the public in efforts to prevent and control the disease.

The health ministry is also encouraging people to make sure to remove all stagnant water, which plays a role in creating breeding sites for mosquitoes.

The ministry issued a nationwide dengue warning in early July amid increasing dengue fever cases.