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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Khon Kaen Confirms First Case of Covid-19

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Thai authorities have reported the first case of Covid-19 in Khon Kaen Province during a press conference held yesterday.

Governor Somsak Jangtrakul spoke at the press conference, saying that the patient was not a local resident but had moved to Khon Kaen from another province, according to a report in The Nation.

The patient had visited a boxing event at a stadium in Bangkok, where he may have contracted the Covid-19 infection.

The Nation reports that the patient is in isolation at Khon Kaen Hospital, and is undergoing treatment. He has not used public transportation and traveled to the hospital in a private vehicle.

Khon Kaen will begin closure of public venues such as schools, universities, movie theaters, bars, and other entertainment venues in accordance with an announcement by Thailand’s Ministry of Interior.

Since the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in South Korea, many Thai labor migrants have returned to Thailand to avoid infection. Thai officials have announced that about 5,000 Thai nationals have signed up with the Korean government to return to Thailand, including 136 from the city of Daegu, the origin of the Korean outbreak.

Thailand has not yet moved into full lockdown, and some borders between Laos and Thailand remain open.

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