Taskforce Launches Fundraising Campaign to Combat COVID-19


The Lao Government has opened a donation channel for all those looking to contribute financially to the fight against the outbreak of COVID-19.

The National Taskforce Committee in charge of disease prevention and control measures has launched a fundraising campaign through official accounts at BCEL.

Contributions are accepted in 3 currencies, notably kip, baht, and dollar. The account name is called Fundraising Campaign for Laos Against COVID-19.

LAK account: 010110001783790001

USD account: 010110101783790001

THB: 010110201783790001

Donation to official government account to fight against covid-19

As of the writing of this article, the campaign on BCEL One Heart (which ends April 30) has received a total of 98,190,000 kip, from a total of 766 donations.

A screencap of the BCEL OneHeart Campaign as of April 3 (12:13am)
A screencap of the total number of donations from the fundraising campaign on BCEL OneHeart as of April 3 (12:13am)