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Ministry of Health Allows Certain Private Medical Facilities to Operate

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The Ministry of Health has recently amended its policy regarding which types of non-state healthcare facilities will be allowed to open.

Minister of Health Dr. Bounkong Sihavong signed a new notice, dated 2 April, which mandates the temporary closure of all non-specialized private clinics. However, specialized private clinics (heart, pediatric, etc), embassy clinics, and private hospitals shall be permitted to open. However, the abovementioned practices are prohibited from treating COVID-19 cases and must take necessary precautions. They are to call 166 or refer patients to the National Taskforce Committee if they suspect a COVID-19 case.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health made a drastic decision to order all non-state medical centers to cease operations, for fear that private clinics would not have the requisite equipment to test and safeguard their employees against COVID-19.

Lao language readers may refer to section 9 of the notice below on the above subject matter.

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