Company Responsible for Bridge Collapse to Fund Reconstruction

Bridge Collapse in Ban Keun

The Chinese company whose heavy commercial truck caused the collapse of a bridge in Thoulakhom District earlier this month is to fund its reconstruction.

The bridge, in Nam Phanai Village, Ban Keun District, Vientiane Province, collapsed when a heavy commercial vehicle carrying cement entered but was too heavy.

As the bridge collapsed, the vehicle fell into the waterway below.

According to a report in the Vientiane Times, the vehicle entered the bridge because another nearby bridge was closed for repairs, with traffic being diverted.

Several heavy vehicles were able to cross before it succumbed to the weight of the cement truck.

With a weight limit of around 25 tonnes, the 74-tonne cement truck was too heavy for the bridge to support.

A representative of Yi Liu Trading has stated that the company will remove the wreckage of the old bridge and replace it with a new bridge within 45 days.

The driver of the vehicle which caused the bridge collapse sustained injuries and was rushed to a local hospital.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport says oversized or overloaded heavy vehicles are the number one cause of damage to roads and bridges.


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