Laos-Cambodia Border to Remain Closed

Laos-Cambodia Border to Remain Closed

Laos has decided to keep its border checkpoint with Cambodia closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Stung Treng Provincial Governor Mom Saroeun was quoted in the Khmer Times as saying that he had been informed by authorities in Laos that the country had elected to keep its sole border checkpoint with Cambodia closed.

“Currently, our international checkpoint will remain closed. Laos has not decided to reopen its border checkpoint and we also haven’t received any instruction from the government to open ours,” he said.

He said that the import and export of goods between Laos and Cambodia has remained minimal during the pandemic period.

According to the story in the Khmer Times, Governor Mom Saroeun said he had been pushing his Lao counterpart in Champasack Province to consider opening the border, hoping to operate as normal for the benefit of the people.

Governor Mom advocates reopening the border as soon as possible and lifting travel bans to facilitate trade and tourism.

Laos closed its sole border checkpoint with Cambodia in March.

Meanwhile, Cambodia lifted its ban on cross-border travel with Vietnam on 19 June, while its borders with Thailand remain closed.


  1. Open up the country to european countries .Many countries in Europe now are very safe much safer than China , Singapore , etc .Stay cliose , hide and wait for the vaccine it will be a suicide for the country .Laos need european tourists . And if the vaccine will never arrive ? Stay close forever and wait for the best ? Non because the country will die .The government must reopen in safety and with calculate risks .It is very easy to close everything and wait for the best .But this is no the way to go .An entire world close down for this virus .Crazy .