Laos to Enforce Nationwide Sim Card Registration

Ministry Orders Registration of All Phone Numbers in Laos

The Lao Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has announced that all phone numbers across the country must now be properly registered or face permanent disconnection.

As the country, and the world, enters the new normal following the Covid-19 pandemic, proper registration of telephone numbers has become more crucial than ever.

According to a notice issued by the ministry, the compulsory registration and re-registration of all phone numbers will begin on 1 July this year.

Ministry of Post and Telecommuncations Notice to Register all Phone Numbers
Ministry of Post and Telecommunications Notice to Register all Phone Numbers

The process will be completed in three phases.

From 1 July to 30 November, all existing phone numbers must be properly registered, and any new numbers and sim cards may not be issued without proper registration.

From 01 December to 31 December, any phone numbers that fail to properly register will be able to receive calls but will not be able to make calls. Data sims will no longer be able to connect to the internet.

From 31 December onward, any phone numbers that are not properly registered will be disconnected and permanently removed from the telephone network.

The notice states that all telecommunications and internet companies must coordinate with the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in fully implementing the nationwide registration process.

Step by step instructions by RDK Group can be viewed here: