Canadian Medical Equipment Manufacturer PRI·MED Opens Facility in Laos

PRI·MED manufacturing facility in Laos

Candian medical equipment manufacturer PRI·MED has announced it will develop a new manufacturing facility in Vientiane, Laos.

Edmonton-based PRI·MED Medical Products (PRI·MED), a manufacturer of single-use medical personal protective equipment including face masks, gowns, and examination gloves announced on Thursday that it would develop a new manufacturing facility in Vientiane, Laos.

The location broke ground in February and is expected to become operational next year. The development and construction is wholly-owned by PRI·MED. When complete, it will employ over 300 people at the 8,000 square meter facility.

In its press release, the Ambassador of Canda to Laos, Dr. Sarah Taylor, was quoted as saying, “The Government of Canada is pleased to see another substantial, long-term investment in Laos by a reputable Canadian firm with a successful track record.”

“With its manufacturing know-how and socially responsible business practices, PRI·MED is exactly the kind of quality investor Laos has been seeking to diversify its export production and tap into global value chains,” she continued.

Since 2007, PRI·MED has successfully run Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFEs) in China, hiring up to 900 staff and providing their regional client base with high-quality medical goods.

Due in part to its membership in the ASEAN Economic Community, Laos has emerged in recent years as one of the fastest-growing locations for foreign-operated manufacturing, especially in exports of electronics, telecommunications, and electrical equipment.

“Our new Laos manufacturing facility affirms PRI·MED’s commitment to our continued global leadership in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality face masks and isolation gowns,” said David Welsh, President and CEO of PRI·MED, in a press release.

PRI·MED, founded in 1995, has established itself as Canada’s leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment. The company’s products are used in virtually every Canadian hospital as well as hundreds in the United States, Europe, Japan, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.



  1. I agree With Mr sonesay totally to many road block to do business in Laos. We need to change the law and rule quickly and allow the bussiness owner, they can own the land than we can go ahead Thailand. Now we see more business move our thailand.