Lao Man Suspected of Covid-19 Dies of TB in Udon Thani

Lao man dies of TB not Covid-19 in Udon Thani

A 61-year-old man from Laos who died suddenly in Udon Thani on Tuesday morning was suspected to have died of Covid-19.

The man, who was visiting his daughter who lives in Nong Han district, was found dead after coughing up blood in front of the house where he had been staying. His daughter discovered the body after returning from a visit to the temple with her mother.

According to The Nation, reports from health experts in the area suggest that the man may have been suffering from a severe form of tuberculosis, a disease that continues to plague both Laos and Thailand.

Laboratory tests revealed by the Governor of Udon Thani province show that the man had tested negative for the Covid-19 virus.

His 31-year-old daughter, her mother, and the owner of the house in which they lived have been interviewed by local police as part of an ongoing investigation.

The incident became the center of Thai media attention following reports of a potential Covid-19 outbreak, with medical personnel from Nong Han hospital rushing to the scene.

The deceased and his wife appear to have entered Thailand illegally some weeks ago, while the man’s body has been delivered to a local temple for cremation.

Porous borders between Southeast Asian nations remain a problem for containment of Covid-19, with instances of illegal entry commonplace between nations.

Fifty-four students from Laos studying in Vietnam returned to Laos without permission in late July and have failed to place themselves under quarantine for 14 days in line with regulations.

The Lao Prime Minister and the National Taskforce have assigned the provincial offices of education and sports in Savannakhet, Salavanh, and Khammouane with locating the students and ensuring they are placed in quarantine.