Bokeo Gets Tough on Illegal Signage

Bokeo Province Gets Tough on Signs

Authorities in Bokeo Province have cracked down on illegal signage that does not comply with Lao laws and regulations or is inconsistent with Lao culture.

Bokeo Province is home to a large number of Chinese investments, however many business owners have failed to comply with regulations regarding appropriate signage.

According to the Bokeo Provincial Department of Information, Culture, and Tourism, signs and billboards must be installed correctly and comply with regulations regarding content.

Signs must clearly display Lao language at the top, with foreign languages underneath.

Moreover, signs must be installed at correct and locations, rather than on trees, walls, or electricity poles, or at other public places.

Authorities have asked that posters or signs installed in the streets to promote special events be removed within seven days after the event concludes.

Relevant sectors in all five districts have been told to continue to regularly monitor and inspect signage.

Businesses who have been found to have violated regulations have been issued a warning and have been instructed to make appropriate changes within seven days. Failure to comply will result in the confiscation of signage.

Bokeo authorities have already removed some signage deemed inappropriate or against laws and regulations.