Illegal Condom Recycling Facility Raided in Vietnam

Illegal condom recycling facility raided in Vietnam

Authorities in Vietnam discovered a facility storing used condoms for recycling and sale during a search at an apartment on Saturday.

According to a report by VnExpress, nearly 324,000 used condoms, weighing 360 kg, were recycled at the facility for sale at the market.

Authorities from the market management department in Binh Duong province raided the facility in Tan Uyen Town last week.

They confiscated all products at the facility, including vast amounts of condoms found unpackaged and unlabeled.

The owner of the facility, Pham Thi Than Ngoc, from Nghe An Province, admitted to receiving a monthly supply of used condoms from an unknown source.

She would clean, dry, and sort the condoms to make them appear fresh for customers.

According to VnExpress, Vietnamese people use 500-600 million condoms every year, while the use of unsterilized condoms from illegal sources causes a serious health risk.


  1. Disgusting, incredibly irresponsible and greedy! A fraudulent attempt to make money, even if it means spreading AIDS, Hep C, and a dozen other Sexually Transmitted Diseases to unsuspecting consumers.

    The other comments left for this article suggest that most of them were written by idiots and retards, who simply don’t understand how awful this is.