Vientiane Gets Street Lighting Upgrade For Safer City Streets

Street Lighting Being Upgrade Across Vientiane Capital

Electricite Du Laos (EDL) has commenced upgrading street lighting along five main roads within Vientiane Capital to ensure safer streets at night.

According to a report by EDL, the power provider is cooperating with Vientiane Capital authorities to upgrade street lighting along main roads and other roads in the Capital last week.

Existing street lighting has also been repaired on 21 roads across the Vientiane Capital, according to a report in the Vientiane Times.

The lighting upgrades are part of a grant by the Chinese government ahead of National Day celebrations on 2 December.

The grant, amounting to some Yuan 300 million, will see street light upgrades as well as renovations to the fountain at the Patuxay Monument.

Street lighting is being upgraded on Kaysone Phomvihane road from the Patuxay Monument to Donnoune roundabout, Kampheng Meuang road from Hongseng Bridge to Nonghai roundabout, Thadeua Road from Simueng Temple to the Chinaimo roundabout, and ASEAN Road from Arkard intersection to 23 Singha road, as well as from Km 6 traffic lights to the National Television roundabout.

Power cables for the new streetlights are being laid underground along Lane Xang Avenue, 23 Singha Road, Nongbone Road, and Kaysone Phomvihane Road.

The scheme will involve the removal of existing street lights which will be replaced. The new lights will be constructed on passively safe poles to improve road safety in the event of an accident.

The works are being completed in time for the celebration of the occasion of the 45th Lao National day.