Lao People Seek Medical Treatment in Nearby Cambodia

Lao People Seek Medical Treatment in Nearby Cambodia (Photo: Khmer Times)

Lao people are increasingly seeking medical treatment in Cambodia, according to the Preah Vihear provincial health department.

The Khmer Times reports that the Preah Vihear provincial health department has provided health services to 127 Laotians so far this year.

Koung Lo, provincial department director, said yesterday that many Laotians come to Kampong Sralao Health Centre and Kampong Preah In Health Centre in Chhep District for medical treatment.

“Lao people come to be treated for respiratory infections, colds, sore throats, other common ailments and for childbirth,” Lo said, quoted by Khmer Times.

“Centres and health posts charge the same fees for everyone and it is free of charge if they are poor.”

He said that the number of Lao patients has decreased this year due to Covid-19 prevention measures and restrictions on travel between the two countries.

Lo said that Lao people come to Cambodia for health services because they see that the country has good services, good medicine and friendly health professionals.

They are willing to take a boat across the river to receive medical treatment in Cambodia.

In 2019, Preah Vihear province treated 378 Lao people.

Preah Vihear Province borders both Thailand and Laos. The province is named after the much-revered temple of Prasat Preah Vihear, the site of a lengthy dispute between Cambodia and Thailand over ownership.