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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Laos to Develop Solar Power for Export in Champasack Province

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The Government of Laos has signed an agreement with Muang Khong Clean Energy to build a solar power plant at Khong District, Champasack Province.

According to a report by Vientiane Times, the project has now completed a feasibility study, and will become the first installation in Laos to export solar energy to Cambodia.

The Project Development Agreement was signed in Vientiane, between Ms. Khamchan Vonseneboun, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment, and the Director of Khong Clean Energy Company, Mr. Pattarapong Kongwijit.

Witnesses to the signing were Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines Dr. Sinava Souphanouvong, Champasak provincial Planning and Investment Department director Dr. Souksavanh Vilaysack, the company’s vice-president Nalinny Siphandone and the company’s consultant Hatsady Sisoulath.

The Muang Khong Clean Energy Co, part of Thailand’s Nathalin Group, cooperated with Nalinny Road and Bridge Construction Company to carry out a feasibility study for the solar power development project.

The installed capacity of the solar power project will be 760MW, with the project to be completed in five phases, covering some 236 hectares in the first phase with an installed capacity of 135 MW.

Laos is also to build the world’s largest floating solar power project at Nam Ngum 1 as a public-private partnership, with an agreement signed earlier this year.  The project is to have an installed capacity of 1,200 MW, covering an area of over 1,500 hectares.

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