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Sisters Arrested for Selling Stolen Lease Vehicles

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Authorities have arrested two sisters in Vientiane Capital for selling stolen lease vehicles.

According to a report by the Vientiane Capital Department of Public Security, the two siblings collaborated in defrauding leasing companies of over eighteen vehicles, selling the leased cars without proper documentation.

The sisters, identified as Ms. Vilaykham Xayyavong and younger sister Ms. Khamphachan Xayyavong, worked together to purchase vehicles under installment payment plans from leasing companies.

Deputy Head of Vientiane Capital Public Security Office, Lieutenant Colonel Vilasone Phikhaikham, said a total of 18 vehicles, mostly pickup trucks, had been financed by the siblings, who claimed the vehicles would be used for various projects, such as expressway, railway, or hydropower projects.

Under their scheme, the elder sister would lease the vehicle in her name, while the younger sister would sign as guarantor.

They would then use an illegal network of salespeople to sell the vehicles, sometimes with fraudulent paperwork and sometimes without any documentation at all.

Authorities have been able to recover just three of the vehicles, said Lieutenant Colonel Vilasone.

“The monthly installment fees for these leased vehicles was approximately USD 1,300 per month, however, these women did not make any payments or return the cars to the leasing companies,” Lieutenant Colonel Vilasone added.

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