Lao Road Toll Reaches Nearly 100 in November

Road accident death toll rises in November

The November death toll for road accidents throughout Laos has reached nearly 100, with the majority of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

According to a report by Vientiane Mai, 97 people were killed in road accidents throughout November, while and 1,074 injuries were recorded.

The Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Public Security, says 666 accidents occurred on Lao roads in the month of November, with 1,185 vehicles damaged.

Vientiane Capital recorded some 145 accidents in November, with 25 dead, the highest number of deaths caused by road accidents of any province in Laos.

The number of accidents has increased since previous months, with a rise in deaths as well, with accidents in November costing the economy over USD 11 million, according to Vientiane Mai.

In October, 79 people were killed in 604 accidents on roads in Laos, with over 1,000 vehicles damaged.

A large number of vehicles are unroadworthy, causing traffic problems, while faulty or dangerously placed infrastructure remains a problem as well.