Road Rage Shooter Urged to Give Himself Up

Road rage shooter urged to give himself up

A man who shot a woman in the leg following a road rage incident has been asked to give himself up to authorities after CCTV footage captured his actions.

Popular social media news site Tholakhong shared a plea from Vanthakhan Symonds, who posted about the incident which occurred on Monday evening near Dongnasok Village in Vientiane’s Sikhottabong District.

Vanthakhan’s brother and sister-in-law were returning home in the evening by motorbike when a car cut them off several times, clearly operated by a drunk driver. The couple say they attempted to avoid the car but it swerved to hit them, causing them to stop their bike.

The driver of the car exited the vehicle and an argument ensued, during which the driver produced a handgun and fired two shots into the air.

He then fired at the ground next to Vanthakhan’s sister-in-law, injuring her foot before fleeing the scene.

The incident was captured on CCTV, with the registration number of the vehicle, 1988, clearly visible.

Authorities are actively searching for the assailant, while the victim has called for him to give himself up.