Lao Woman Wins 50 Million in Canadian Lottery

Mrs Deng Pravatoudom wins Canadian Lottery (Photo: OLG)
Mrs Deng Pravatoudom wins Canadian Lottery (Photo: OLG)

After using the same lotto numbers for the past 20 years, Mrs. Deng Pravatoudom has finally hit the jackpot in Toronto, Canada.

The ecstatic Laotian collected her CAD 60 million (approximately USD 50 million) lottery win on 14 Jan after discovering that the numbers her husband had dreamed about 20 years prior helped her win the jackpot in the draw on 1 December, 2020.

59-year-old Deng moved to Canada with her family in 1980 and has worked tirelessly to provide for her family over the past 40 years, before catching her lucky break.

Pravatoudom was let go from her job last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and says she is thankful that she now has extra funds to make her family’s lives easier.

“I went to the bank to pay some bills and my husband went to check the tickets. When we got into the car, he told me we won the 60 million dollar jackpot. He was serious, not joking, so I knew he was telling the truth. I started to cry. I have always prayed for a blessing that my family would be taken care of,” Mrs. Deng told Yahoo Sports.

She plans on using the money to move out of their apartment and into a new home, pay off bills, help her family, and travel when conditions are favorable and safe.

As a special treat, she will also be buying herself some diamonds!